Últims dies a Saint Peters Prep !

L'Elena Mascaró i l'Álvaro San, alumnes de 1r de Batxillerat, comparteixen amb nosaltres la seva experiència internacional

| 29-09-2017

Our journey began on Friday, the 15th, when our flight took off headed to JFK airport. From the moment we, the eighteen students taking part on this exchange, sat down in the plane until we took a bus and drove through NYC, none of us could stop thinking about what we were just about to experience. Finally, after a long day of traveling, we arrived to St Peter's Preparatory School, where our American host families were waiting for us. Each and one of us met their exchange partner and made their way to what would be their home for the next two weeks. During that weekend most of us went to visit New York and some others hanged out with their family.

However, the challenging day was Monday, our first day at the school. The beginning of the day was tough, as most of us had to get up at 6 am, something very usual in the schedule of American students. Throughout the day we followed our partners to their different classes. Just as we started the 1st period, a prayer was said through the speakers and all the students stood up in silence, which we found very striking. As Saint Peters is a Catholic Christian high school, they also prepared a mass specially for us on the following day.

During the first week not only did we go through the different subjects of our partners but also got to know their friends and hobbies. Furthermore, on Thursday we went to our first trip, to the Rockefeller Center skyscraper; we got to go to the roof and appreciate the city landscape and take some pictures as well. After that we walked to St.Patrick's Cathedral.

The second week was almost the same way. We had to wake up early every day, commute up to an hour to school, have some free periods, do the prayer every morning and eat in the cafeteria. During our 2nd week we got to go to the Statue of Liberty, which turned out to be bigger than expected and to the Whitney museum where we got to appreciate the art. Apart from the trips the school took us on, after school we got to visit other attractions such as Times square, 9/11 memorial, World Trade Center, Soho and others. We also got to attend one or two American football matches and even a baseball one, that really made us experience the American lifestyle.  

All in all, this exchange has made us learn a lot about American culture and customs. Moreover, we really got integrated with the community and really got to appreciate what is like to live in the United States and their educational system. We are all beyond thankful that this great opportunity was handed to us by the school and wish that someone else can experience it as well.

Elena Mascaró i Álvaro San